Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Home for Everybody?

Ember and Moondust

Moondust was adopted last month, and she's enjoying life in her new home with her adopted brother--who looks remarkably like her!

Moondust is a Mini-Me! 

Good news for Ember, as well--she had a visit from some adopters and is scheduled to go to her new home next week. She got spayed first, and we planned it so that Moondust came for an overnight and both sisters went to the vet together. We were a little worried that Ember and Emily wouldn't recognize Moondust after two weeks, but they were thrilled to see her. Both kittens came through their spaying with no problems and are doing just fine.

Now we're just hoping for a great home for Mama Emily, too. Please share and help this elegant, sweet little black cat find her forever family for the holidays.

Emily and Moondust--reunited, and it feels so good!