Animals for Adoption

Animals for Adoption

LOVE is Adoptable at Miri's House! 

These adoptable pets are being fostered through CARE Southcoast. Please fill out an adoption application through CARE to be pre-approved.
Adoption donation includes all medical care, including appropriate vaccinations and spay or neuter surgery. For information, please visit CARE or message mirishouse (at)


Owl and Smudge came to us as tiny, frightened kittens early in the summer. They were found outside and were very shy, but have blossomed into fun-loving, playful, and sweet companions who get along well with each other and also enjoy hanging out with the resident adult cats. Both boys are neutered and up-to-date on shots. We are guessing they were born in May, which means they are going on six months old. They would love a good home!


Beautiful Owl is a mellow, loving kitten with tabby markings and amazing double paws. He is easygoing, and while he loves to play, especially with "Da Bird," he is also a quiet companion who just likes to be by your side.


Smudge is a striking classic tabby with white bib and paws, dramatic swirly markings, and a heart-shaped nose. He was the shyer of the two brothers and can still be nervous about being picked up, but let him come to you and he will! He loves petting, treats, and play and is a curious, happy little cat.


These three little black kittens were found in an abandoned apartment shortly before Halloween. We don't know their story or why they were left behind, but they are friendly, playful, and sweet, and they just want love! We think they are about 12 weeks old.


Harriet is the bravest of the three kittens, always ready to explore. She's also super friendly and will jump right into your arms (and heart) if you give her a chance!


Hazel has a sweet little white stripe just under her chin. She's not quite as bold as her green-eyed sister Harriet, but this hazel-eyed beauty has a big purr and loves to he held. She's going to make somebody a fine lap cat someday.


 Hawthorne seems to be the only boy in the group of three black kittens, and he's also the only one with the hint of a floofy coat. His ear tufts make us think he may grow up to be medium-haired, or that me may even have some Maine coon in him. He's a beautiful, friendly, and loving little guy who is equally happy chasing a toy around the room or taking a nap in your lap.

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