Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Little Hawthorne for the Holidays

Hawthorne came to us as one of the three Halloween kittens, who were abandoned when someone moved and rescued in October. Three little black kittens, sweet as could be, rescued just before Halloween. We named them Harriet, Hazel, and Hawthorne.

Hawthorne and his sisters.
Harriet and Hazel both found great homes a few weeks ago. Hawthorne is still in foster care, being as cute as he possibly can.

Black velvet, if you please!
He loves exploring high places. You may find him on the top of a door or on any tall perch he can find. He loves playing and chasing his foster brothers and sisters up and down the stairs. He also loves food, and will steal it from his foster brothers and sisters if they let him get away with it! (Mostly, they do, because this mischievous but adorable little guy is so hard to resist.)

We are the watchers on the wall.
But most of all, Hawthorne loves lovin'. He's resting his chin on my hand right now as I type this. His favorite place to be is right next to you. Unlike many cats, he loves to be picked up and held. Because of his size and floof factor, we wondered if he is part Maine coon, but now we are starting to wonder if he has Ragdoll in him!

Hawthorne and his magnificent tail!
Whatever his origins, Hawthorne is a great cat who reminds me of another most excellent  black cat who was fostered here a few years ago, Sirius Black--now happily adopted and known as Sirius Black Sabbath! We hope that Hawthorne, he of the magnificent ebony plume and the loud, contented purr, finds his own happy ending soon.

If you are interested in adopting Hawthorne, send an email to mirishouse(at) or fill out an adoption application at CARE Southcoast.

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