Friday, November 20, 2015


Little Moondust found a loving home at last. Now sweet, funny little Ember is the last kitten left in Mama Emily's litter. We hope she can find a home soon, one that will be the perfect fit for her.


Ember is especially close to her mom, and we hope these two beautiful girls can be adopted together. Please email mirishouse (at) if you are interested in adopting this cute mini-family.

Daughter and Mom

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ian, the Ambassador Cat

When foster kittens get past the baby age, it's important for them to meet other cats so they learn social skills. At Miri's House, we have three resident cats--Duncan, Ian, and Molly--who help kittens in training extend their social circle beyond Mom.

Duncan doesn't usually mind the little visitors, as long as they don't go near his food.

Molly can take them or leave them, but generally prefers to leave them. (Molly, by the way, is a foster failure.)

But Ian--Ian is the Ambassador Cat.

Former foster kitty Luna with Ian

He's always the first to greet kittens with a friendly nose-bump, and he doesn't mind if they take a curious sniff of him, or even his food dish.

Thanks, Ian! You are patient, mellow, and friendly, the perfect feline role model.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Little Visit with the Kits

The girls at play. 
Ember and Moondust, winding down. 
Moondust and Ember entertained a few young visitors yesterday and enjoyed their play session. They followed all the jumping, chasing, running action with a nice Sunday afternoon nap.

Moondust, taking five. 

It looks like Moondust may be getting adopted soon, and that this may be the week for both the girls to get fixed. We will be calling the vet to make arrangements. In the meantime, we're enjoying their cute, playful personalities as well as the gentler moments when they curl up for some well-deserved sleep. Here's a wish that all of you--Mama Emily, Ember, and Moondust--find the best homes ever! 

Mama and her lovely tortie girl enjoying the lamplight. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Little Family That Needs a Home for the Holidays

Now that Shadow has a forever home, we'd like to see Mama Emily, Ember, and Moondust find homes too--maybe even together.

Ember is an adorable female tortie kitten with a sweet personality. She is three months old, has had her first and second set of shots, and is FIV/FeLV negative. She's ready to snuggle her way into your heart!

Moondust is a beautiful and playful three-month-old white kitten with calico markings. She has unusual bi-colored eyes (hazel and blue) and a fun-loving personality. Like her sister, she is up to date on her shots, has tested negative for FIV and FeLV, and is ready for a home of her own! Moondust and her sister, Ember, get along well with kids, adults, and other cats.

Mama Emily is a petite (only 7 1/2 pounds), lovely all-black cat who was found living on her own. We think she is about a year old. She is an excellent mom to her kittens and an elegant, sweet, and clean little lady who would love a gentle, affectionate home. Emily has shown aggression with other cats, so we recommend that she go to a home where she can be the only resident feline (unless she is adopted with one of her kittens). Emily is spayed, FIV/FeLV negative and up to date on her shots. She'd love to keep you company!

If you are interested in adopting one, two, or all three of these cute cats and kittens, please email mirishouse (at) or send a message to us on our Facebook page.