Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ian, the Ambassador Cat

When foster kittens get past the baby age, it's important for them to meet other cats so they learn social skills. At Miri's House, we have three resident cats--Duncan, Ian, and Molly--who help kittens in training extend their social circle beyond Mom.

Duncan doesn't usually mind the little visitors, as long as they don't go near his food.

Molly can take them or leave them, but generally prefers to leave them. (Molly, by the way, is a foster failure.)

But Ian--Ian is the Ambassador Cat.

Former foster kitty Luna with Ian

He's always the first to greet kittens with a friendly nose-bump, and he doesn't mind if they take a curious sniff of him, or even his food dish.

Thanks, Ian! You are patient, mellow, and friendly, the perfect feline role model.

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