Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sweet Six Kits!

Mama Opal's six kittens are one week old today, and they're busy growing up and growing strong.  They really are an adorable bunch, each with unique coloring. And just in time for their birthday, we received some wonderful surprise packages from Amazon.

From Suzanne Fortier: a case of canned cat food, a bag of kitten food, AND a soft cat bed! Thank you, Suzanne!

And from Cheryl Hablanian, a kitten-sized scale, which we used immediately to check everyone's weight. Thank you, Cheryl!

Now that the kittens are starting to toddle around, open their eyes, and develop their own personalities, we think it's about time they had names of their own. In keeping with Opal's lovely and old-fashioned name, we're giving the kittens gemstone and mineral names.

So here  are their names and vital statistics:

Jasper--dark orange--8.1 oz.
Mama keeping a careful eye on Jasper, who's fleeing the scale

Sandstone--light orange/buff--8.4 oz.

Curious Sandstone--eyes open and ready to explore!

Sunstone--light orange/buff and white--7.6 oz

What a cute little Creamsicle!

Onyx--black with white markings--8.5oz

Look at those eyes!

Mica--grey and white--7.8 oz
Those little pink feet!

Galena--dilute calico--6.9 oz
So sweet and so petite!

Mama was a little worried that we took the kittens out of their under-the-bed drawer to weigh them, but once we had everyone back safe and sound, she took a play break.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped us care for this beautiful little family.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Six Plus One!

Mama Opal had her kittens. Seven of them. That's a big litter for a little mama!

Sadly, one of the kittens--who we named Star--was stillborn. Goodbye, Little Star. You were loved, however briefly, and will be remembered.

Mama and the other six kittens seem to be doing well. They're quite the multicolored bunch: black with white accents, dilute calico, light ginger, dark ginger, grey-and-white, and ginger-and-white.

Oh, and adorable--needless to say.

Meanwhile, outdoor rescue Nimbus is getting more and more social every day. When he's not zooming around a room, chasing the grownup cats, he likes to cuddle and purr.

So: six baby kittens, one crazy toddler kitten, one mama cat, and three very patient resident cats. It's a 44-paw household!

Thanks to all our wonderful donors for your support. We could never do it without you!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Kitten Season!

It's summer, and that means KITTENS EVERYWHERE! Including at Miri's House. Because, even though we were trying to take a break from fostering to give our older kitties a little rest, sometimes homeless cats find a way.

Like this little kitten who was born outside, and whose feral mama just gave birth to yet another litter of kittens.

Nimbus, age 12 weeks, learning to love a safe indoor life.

And this pregnant mama who turned up on somebody's doorstep, as hungry for attention as she was for food.

Opal, a sweet and very pregnant kitty.

Right now, we've got a full house--with more to come, because Mama Opal, the beautiful calico, is due to give birth any day now.

We named the gray and white kitten Nimbus, thanks to a suggestion from one of our adopters, and named his mother Stormcloud. When he first came into rescue, he hid and hissed at anyone who got near him. He wasn't sure about being picked up and cuddled at first, but now he immediately starts up his little purr motorboat when you hold him.

Stormcloud (L) and Nimbus (R), in their outdoor days.

And we've just learned that he has more siblings his own age. We are concerned about them, and about Nimbus's mother, Stormcloud, and her new litter of kittens who remain hidden somewhere outside. Our neighbor has been feeding the outdoor kitties, and was able to capture Stormcloud--but she managed to rip her way through a window screen and escaped outside.

Then there's a sleek, dark-gray cat who we think is the father of all these litters. He keeps turning up on porches, looking for a home.

The number of cats who need help can feel overwhelming. We can't rescue them all, but we hope to find some help to rescue all the kittens, find them homes, and, if we can't find homes for the older outside kitties, at least get them fixed.

Nimbus has had his first set of shots and is due to be fixed in a few weeks. Mama Opal and her kittens will also need medical attention soon.

Can you help? Here is our wish list:
--Funds for veterinary care and spay/neuter for all current fosters and strays (click our "Feed the Kitties" PayPal link)
--Foster caregivers for the outdoor kitties (all you need is love--and a spare room)
--Kitten food and cat litter (we have an Amazon Wish List for those wishing to donate that way)
--Pet-proof window screens, and someone to install them, to keep foster kitties safe

If you can help with any of these, please donate through our PayPal link on this blog's main page or email mirishouse(at)

Thank mew!

Mama Stormcloud--still outside; desperately seeking foster home for her and her kittens.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Home for Everybody?

Ember and Moondust

Moondust was adopted last month, and she's enjoying life in her new home with her adopted brother--who looks remarkably like her!

Moondust is a Mini-Me! 

Good news for Ember, as well--she had a visit from some adopters and is scheduled to go to her new home next week. She got spayed first, and we planned it so that Moondust came for an overnight and both sisters went to the vet together. We were a little worried that Ember and Emily wouldn't recognize Moondust after two weeks, but they were thrilled to see her. Both kittens came through their spaying with no problems and are doing just fine.

Now we're just hoping for a great home for Mama Emily, too. Please share and help this elegant, sweet little black cat find her forever family for the holidays.

Emily and Moondust--reunited, and it feels so good!

Friday, November 20, 2015


Little Moondust found a loving home at last. Now sweet, funny little Ember is the last kitten left in Mama Emily's litter. We hope she can find a home soon, one that will be the perfect fit for her.


Ember is especially close to her mom, and we hope these two beautiful girls can be adopted together. Please email mirishouse (at) if you are interested in adopting this cute mini-family.

Daughter and Mom

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ian, the Ambassador Cat

When foster kittens get past the baby age, it's important for them to meet other cats so they learn social skills. At Miri's House, we have three resident cats--Duncan, Ian, and Molly--who help kittens in training extend their social circle beyond Mom.

Duncan doesn't usually mind the little visitors, as long as they don't go near his food.

Molly can take them or leave them, but generally prefers to leave them. (Molly, by the way, is a foster failure.)

But Ian--Ian is the Ambassador Cat.

Former foster kitty Luna with Ian

He's always the first to greet kittens with a friendly nose-bump, and he doesn't mind if they take a curious sniff of him, or even his food dish.

Thanks, Ian! You are patient, mellow, and friendly, the perfect feline role model.

Monday, November 16, 2015

A Little Visit with the Kits

The girls at play. 
Ember and Moondust, winding down. 
Moondust and Ember entertained a few young visitors yesterday and enjoyed their play session. They followed all the jumping, chasing, running action with a nice Sunday afternoon nap.

Moondust, taking five. 

It looks like Moondust may be getting adopted soon, and that this may be the week for both the girls to get fixed. We will be calling the vet to make arrangements. In the meantime, we're enjoying their cute, playful personalities as well as the gentler moments when they curl up for some well-deserved sleep. Here's a wish that all of you--Mama Emily, Ember, and Moondust--find the best homes ever! 

Mama and her lovely tortie girl enjoying the lamplight.