Thursday, October 17, 2013

Catching Up With Kittens

So, what's been happening with the Hunger Games Kittens?

Funny you should ask.

Runway, the kittens' beautiful young mama, is doing well after her spay surgery. Soon, she'll be ready for her own home, and we hope this sweet calico girl gets the loving home she deserves.

Rue, the smallest kitten, is always by Mama's side. She is playful, but not as rambunctious as her brothers--definitely more of a cuddler than a fighter. With her tufted ears, fluffy coat, and unusual dilute calico coloring, Rue is absolutely stunning, and she, along with her mother, is still available for adoption.

Gale--now named Leo--is a rascally redhead with an appetite for trouble--and for chili, pasta, yogurt, and sweet potatoes with cinnamon! Leo has been told that cats aren't supposed to like sweet or spicy foods, but he doesn't care: Leo knows what he likes. Leo's adoption is pending, and he's scheduled to move into his new home in early November.

Both Leo and Rue are scheduled to be fixed at the end of this month, so they will be all ready for their new homes.

Peeta is now named Opie, after the character Ron Howard played in The Andy Griffith Show (we can see the resemblance). He is the beloved center of attention in his new home, where he has two little girls to adore him. 

And Katniss, renamed Dumbledore, the first-born and first to be adopted, is now fully integrated into his new human and cat family.  
If you're interested in adopting, please send an email to with a little background on your home, current or past experience with cats or kittens, and contact information.

If you can't adopt right now, you can always help sponsor a kitten by sending a donation through our PayPal link.

Purrs from all the kitties!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Heat is On

Runway is rolling. She's stretching. She's posing. She's chirping and meowing and making that long, low, sultry mmmmrrrrawwwwrrrr sound. She's suddenly a lot less interested in her food, and a lot more interested in getting out and meeting cute guys.

In short, Runway is behaving like a teenage girl at a boy band concert. She's a force field of hormones, on a mission to fill the world with kittens.

Runway is in heat.

We've seen it in other mama cats we've fostered, and although it may sound funny, it's really painful to watch them go through it. We were hoping to avoid it this time, and we almost made it. Runway's spay surgery is scheduled for Friday of this week.

In the meantime, we'll need to be especially careful about keeping her away from doors (she managed to slip outside today--and, perhaps coincidentally, or not, there was a strange red-and-white cat in the back yard), and we may need to keep her separated from the boy cats. In the past, the resident hot mamas have always shown a preference for Ian. (Not that we blame them!)

But we know Runway will be happier and healthier once she's been spayed, and she can go back to being a playful, carefree young cat again and focus on finding herself a new, loving home.

If you'd like to make a donation to help cover the costs of Runway's surgery, please send your contribution through the PayPal link below. If you can't contribute money, please send your good wishes for a trouble-free surgery and speedy recovery for this brave little mama!

Rue and Runway: Mama's got a Mini-Me!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dos Hermanos

It's hard to believe the kittens are eleven weeks old today. It's funny to see how they alternate between testing their independence and still wanting snuggle time with Mama.

Now that Katniss (AKA Dumbledore) has been adopted, the two remaining boys have gotten closer. We just had to share some adorable shots of their brotherly bonding.

Meanwhile, Gale--whose new name is going to be Leo--had his first meet-and-greet with his soon-to-be adoptive family, both human and cat. Bee, his future cat sibling, did some hissing, but Leo kept his cool. He's definitely an outgoing little guy, and he's already made friends with resident cats  Ian and Duncan (although Molly is still holding out).

As for Peeta, he is not quite as bold, but he's incredibly sweet, the snuggliest of the kittens. If Peeta were in a high school yearbook, he'd be voted "Most likely to be a lap cat."