Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Miri's House

Q. How did Miri's House get its name?
A. Miri was a beautiful red tabby cat who was pregnant and struggling to live outside. Some kind neighbors were feeding her, but couldn't take her in. We brought her inside so she could have good food and a warm, safe place to give birth. In April, 2011, Miri gave birth to four beautiful, healthy kittens. All of them found great homes. Miri became a beloved part of our feline family, but sadly was hit by a car in July, 2012. This page and our rescue group are named to honor her memory.

Q. Where do you get the cats and kittens you foster?
A. Some of them come from animal shelters, but the majority are found as stray, homeless, or abandoned animals. That's why we require all adopters to promise to have the cats they take home spayed or neutered.

Q. Are you part of an animal shelter or pound? Can I drop off cats there?

A. No, we are a private home and we are only able to foster one cat family at a time. We sometimes work with C.A.R.E. in New Bedford, MA, and also recommend the Providence Animal Rescue League and Potter League as humane shelters.

Q. How can I adopt a cat or kitten?
A. If you are interested in one of our adoptable pets, send an email to us with a little info about yourself, which cat or kitten you're interested in, and why you think you could offer a good home. We will send an adoption application and arrange a time for you to meet the animal.


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Send questions, adoption requests, or feedback to mirishouse (at), or message us here.