Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hello, London--Bonjour, Paris!

We had a hard time naming the new foster kittens, but now we've got some names that seem to fit them.

Meet London, with her fabulous foggy grey coat ...


... and feast your eyes on floofy, glamorous Paris!


They're growing, coming out of their shells, and becoming cuter and sweeter every day.

Yesterday, London had an adventure. When resident foster failure cat Clark Gable came into the kitten room to pay a visit, London dashed out into the hallway, ran up the stairs, politely greeted Ian and Molly and Duncan, got scared when Molly hissed at her, ran under the couch, behind the TV, knocked over various books and pictures, then ran down the hallway, climbed a cat tree, and was finally burritoed in a blanket and brought back downstairs, where she enjoyed a well-deserved lap nap and lots of petting.

London and Paris - almost ready for their forever homes!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Meet the Fosters!

Two new kittens are on board for the summer! These adorable orphans were rescued by CARE Southcoast after their mother sadly died. They are about 8 weeks old and will be available for adoption after they are fixed and have all their shots. In the meantime, they need lots of love and socialization. At first they wanted nothing to do with humans, but now they purr when you hold them and are starting to venture out to play! 

Right now we are calling this little grey kitten Spitfire. She likes to act fierce, but she's really quite a cuddler once she gets started. She has short hair, a cute white bib and paws,  and a tiny little white spot on her nose. 

Her sister has classic Maine coon cat tabby markings, with a distinctive tabby M on her forehead. We suspect FLOOF is coming, but right now she's medium haired, with incredibly soft, dark fur. We are calling her Selkie. 

Follow our Facebook page for updates on these two adorable babies. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

How to Be a Foster Failure

Molly explains it all.

Maybe you'll come into a house as a mama cat with kittens. You'll be scared and too shy to interact with people.

Your strategy should be to hide, whenever possible. Be camera shy. When people come to pet the kittens, flee. Almost no one will know the kittens even HAVE a mother.

Where's Molly?

 People will try to pet you. Don't allow this behavior. Run away. Hide. At some point they will take you to the vet. This is horrible. When you get back, burrow deep into the walls, behind the insulation, where no one can find you. The humans will be worried. Let them worry. They deserve it.

Eventually, come out from behind the walls. There is food here. There is a big, handsome orange cat here. Maybe you can find a place here. Sometimes there is butter. Maybe being a house cat is not so bad. Eventually, the humans will realize that you are here to stay.

Molly + Ian, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Or maybe you'll be an outdoor cat, roaming the neighborhood, getting belly rubs and food wherever you can. A "six-dinner Sid."

Those indoor cats will look at you from behind the door and hiss. Those pampered indoor cats. Who needs them?

Keep coming around. Soon you'll be a fixture at dinnertime. Then it will start getting cold. Sometimes the humans will leave the garage door open for you. Then there will be a box with a bed in it. Not bad, you think. Not bad at all.

I own this chair.

Then it will get colder. There will be a room inside with an open window, and a soft chair, and a warm blanket. A safe place to sleep. And that's where you'll stay.

Just for a while, the humans say. Until you find a forever home.

But you know better. You know that eventually the other cats will stop hissing at you. That they'll start to realize you're part of the family. And you will notice that the humans have stopped calling you a "foster cat." Now they call you a "foster failure."

But you know there's no success like failure. You know you are a most successful cat.

I am Clark Gable, and yes, I AM fabulous.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Will You Be My Brother?

Ian continues to be the "Ambassador Cat" and has been the first resident kitty to welcome our sweet tuxedo foster cat, Clark Gable, into the household. They hang out together, play together, and eat together. Duncan and Molly have made a little progress, too, but they need supervision. If they're not distracted with food, the growling will soon start--but we're trying to convince them that when this cute, mustachioed cat is around, treats magically appear.

Integrating a new cat into a multi-cat house can be challenging, but this guy is such a loving and friendly feline, he's really worth the effort. Of course, if the perfect adoptive home for him comes along, we'll have to let him go, but if not ... this group must somehow form a family!