Friday, September 8, 2017

Farewell, Little One

It has been tough to keep up the kitten blog, with everything that has been going on. Those of you who follow our Facebook page already know that all the kittens were struck by a mysterious, fast-moving virus, and that we lost our sweet little London.

London was the first kitten to get sick. It started with vomiting, and at first we thought it was just passing tummy trouble or worms, but then she came down with a high fever. She was taken to the vet's, but sadly, she did not make it. London died on August 22, 2017. We never got to say goodbye.

Goodbye, dear London.

Then things happened quickly ... Bettina came down with the same virus and had to be rushed to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. She had a high fever and was unable to eat. At one point, we were told that they did not expect her to live--but Bettina kept fighting.

Next, London's brother Paris started running a high fever, and he, too, was off to the vet. Dash, Bettina's brother, seemed to be the only one holding the sickness off--but then he stopped eating and started vomiting. Off to the vet for Dash, too. He still had plenty of fight in him, though. It took four people to hold him down to get his temperature.

Right now, Bettina and Paris are back home, and Dash is at another rescue house. The good news is that they all seem to be recovered and are eating, putting on weight, and seem stronger and more active every day. They tested negative for feline leukemia, FIV, and panleukopenia. We are hopeful that they will grow up to be beautiful, healthy cats and find the loving forever homes they deserve. After all, they've already beaten the odds once.

Beautiful Bettina
Sweet Paris

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