Sunday, December 22, 2013

Opie to the Rescue

Santa's Furry Helper: Opie.

So many presents to wrap ... so little time!

But not to worry. It's Opie to the rescue!

This festive kitty is happy to offer his services as gift wrapper. He'll choose the wrapping paper, help roll it out, and cut when necessary. He's also very well versed in ribbons.

If you find yourself in need of a gift-wrap expert, then maybe it's time to open your home to a kitty.

Opie is five months old and clearly a beloved fixture in his new home.  We hope to find an equally wonderful home for Runway and Rue and Liam and Asa. That would be the best Christmas present of all! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Stereo Purrs

Runway and Rue, two cute kitties that are even cuter together.

Nothing says "cozy winter day" like a nap with Mom.
And then there were two ... two cute!
If you're looking for the perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season, then why not open your home and your heart to a young mother and her furry child? This bonded set will encourage you to snuggle on the couch with a good book on those snowy days this winter and luxuriate in their sweet purrs and playful trills.
Oh, it's called a "straw?" What do you do with it, Mom?
Oh! Chew on it! I can do that!

Runway and Rue are a mother/daughter calico and dilute calico pair that are only eight months apart in age. Runway was a super mama to her four kittens, but now that three of them are adopted and Rue is entering her "tween" years (she turned five months old today!), she's able to be more carefree and kitten-like herself. Rue and Runway play together, eat together and sleep together. It's not at all unusual to find them chasing each other through the house, rolling around in playful wrestling matches, or playing hide-and-seek behind doors. In their quieter moments, they're happy to snuggle on the couch--or a convenient lap! If your heart is ready for the sound of purring in stereo, please contact Miri’s House (mirishouse [at] and ask for an adoption application. This dynamic duo will bring much love to you for years to come.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Update on the Hunger Games Kittens: most of them now have new names and new homes, and they're growing up into beautiful cats.

Here's Dumbledore (Katniss) in his new digs. His new mom reports that his favorite game is Animal Crossing. He's also happily bonded with his kitty brother and sister.

He's racking up the top scores in the cat crossing category.

 And here's Opie (Peeta), adorable as ever, checking out the dollhouse in his new home.

I can play with this, right? 

And then there's Leo (Gale), who just went home this weekend. He's still getting used to his new home, but as you can see, he's looking pretty comfortable already. 

Leo says: Life is good!

Then there's Rue, the tiniest of the kittens (when she and Leo went to be fixed, she weighed in at just 3.2 pounds, compared to her brother's 5)! Rue is finding her voice (the tiniest, cutest little meow) and getting a little bolder about facing the big cats. She's testing her independence, but happy she still has Mama to snuggle up with on an autumn afternoon. 

Rue, "making biscuits" with Runway

Friday, November 8, 2013

Off to See the Vet (Again)!

 So, today I felt like the biggest meanie in the world.

I had to take these two warm, cozy, sleepy, happy kittens away from their chosen sleeping spot in the laundry hamper and put them in the cat carrier, despite the protesting meows of Mama, and carry them outside on a chilly November morning, and then take them on a car ride while they blinked at me reproachfully as if to say: "All this and NO BREAKFAST?"

Yes, today is the day when Leo and little Rue are getting their neuter and spay surgeries.

And even though we humans know all about the benefits of spaying and neutering companion animals, I'm sure all Leo and Rue know is that they got left alone in a scary place with funny smells and strange people and animals.

I'm sorry, kittens. We will make it up to you, I promise.

Right now, I'm waiting for the call back from the vet. Please keep a good thought in mind for Leo and Rue on their surgery day. If you'd like to help, you can make a donation toward the kittens' medical expenses through PayPal. Thanks, and we'll update soon!

Friday, November 1, 2013

And Then There Were Two ...

The Hunger Games Kittens, 3 months on: Rue and Leo with Runway.
Now that Dumbledore (Katniss) and Opie (Peeta) are happily settled in their new homes, the little foster family is down to three: just mama Runway, sweet Rue, and playful Leo (Gale). In one week, Rue and Leo are off to the vet to be spayed and neutered, and then Leo will go to his forever home. That means only Runway and Rue are still waiting for their forever family.

Runway has fully recovered from her spay surgery, and she's now running, jumping, and playing like she's just one of the kitten gang. In fact, at three months old, Runway's kittens are nearly as big as she is. Clearly, she is a very young mother--but also a really good one. All her kittens are healthy, friendly, and absolutely beautiful!

If you're interested in adopting Runway or Rue--or both of them together--please email Because they are such a bonded pair, we are hoping they can find a home together, but we will also consider applications for individual adoption.

Look at those feet! Leo, when you grow into those,
you're going to be a HUGE cat!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Catching Up With Kittens

So, what's been happening with the Hunger Games Kittens?

Funny you should ask.

Runway, the kittens' beautiful young mama, is doing well after her spay surgery. Soon, she'll be ready for her own home, and we hope this sweet calico girl gets the loving home she deserves.

Rue, the smallest kitten, is always by Mama's side. She is playful, but not as rambunctious as her brothers--definitely more of a cuddler than a fighter. With her tufted ears, fluffy coat, and unusual dilute calico coloring, Rue is absolutely stunning, and she, along with her mother, is still available for adoption.

Gale--now named Leo--is a rascally redhead with an appetite for trouble--and for chili, pasta, yogurt, and sweet potatoes with cinnamon! Leo has been told that cats aren't supposed to like sweet or spicy foods, but he doesn't care: Leo knows what he likes. Leo's adoption is pending, and he's scheduled to move into his new home in early November.

Both Leo and Rue are scheduled to be fixed at the end of this month, so they will be all ready for their new homes.

Peeta is now named Opie, after the character Ron Howard played in The Andy Griffith Show (we can see the resemblance). He is the beloved center of attention in his new home, where he has two little girls to adore him. 

And Katniss, renamed Dumbledore, the first-born and first to be adopted, is now fully integrated into his new human and cat family.  
If you're interested in adopting, please send an email to with a little background on your home, current or past experience with cats or kittens, and contact information.

If you can't adopt right now, you can always help sponsor a kitten by sending a donation through our PayPal link.

Purrs from all the kitties!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Heat is On

Runway is rolling. She's stretching. She's posing. She's chirping and meowing and making that long, low, sultry mmmmrrrrawwwwrrrr sound. She's suddenly a lot less interested in her food, and a lot more interested in getting out and meeting cute guys.

In short, Runway is behaving like a teenage girl at a boy band concert. She's a force field of hormones, on a mission to fill the world with kittens.

Runway is in heat.

We've seen it in other mama cats we've fostered, and although it may sound funny, it's really painful to watch them go through it. We were hoping to avoid it this time, and we almost made it. Runway's spay surgery is scheduled for Friday of this week.

In the meantime, we'll need to be especially careful about keeping her away from doors (she managed to slip outside today--and, perhaps coincidentally, or not, there was a strange red-and-white cat in the back yard), and we may need to keep her separated from the boy cats. In the past, the resident hot mamas have always shown a preference for Ian. (Not that we blame them!)

But we know Runway will be happier and healthier once she's been spayed, and she can go back to being a playful, carefree young cat again and focus on finding herself a new, loving home.

If you'd like to make a donation to help cover the costs of Runway's surgery, please send your contribution through the PayPal link below. If you can't contribute money, please send your good wishes for a trouble-free surgery and speedy recovery for this brave little mama!

Rue and Runway: Mama's got a Mini-Me!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dos Hermanos

It's hard to believe the kittens are eleven weeks old today. It's funny to see how they alternate between testing their independence and still wanting snuggle time with Mama.

Now that Katniss (AKA Dumbledore) has been adopted, the two remaining boys have gotten closer. We just had to share some adorable shots of their brotherly bonding.

Meanwhile, Gale--whose new name is going to be Leo--had his first meet-and-greet with his soon-to-be adoptive family, both human and cat. Bee, his future cat sibling, did some hissing, but Leo kept his cool. He's definitely an outgoing little guy, and he's already made friends with resident cats  Ian and Duncan (although Molly is still holding out).

As for Peeta, he is not quite as bold, but he's incredibly sweet, the snuggliest of the kittens. If Peeta were in a high school yearbook, he'd be voted "Most likely to be a lap cat."

Friday, September 27, 2013

Every Picture Tells a Story

This is Duncan.

This is Gale.

This is Duncan in his wild and abandoned youth.

Now, here is Gale meeting Duncan for the first time.

And here is Gale, later that very same day.

The evidence speaks for itself.

But there is one added twist ...

Apparently, someone's been teaching these kittens to wipe.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Look Back in Cuteness

Here's one more picture of playful and adorable Dumbledore, the first of his litter to be adopted.

Dumbledore with his mom, Runway. Have a happy life, Dumbledore!

The rest of the Hunger Games Kittens--Peeta, Gale, and Rue--are going for their first shots on Saturday, and then they will be ready for their new homes. They are friendly, energetic, curious, and well socialized. Watch for their Petfinder pages, coming soon!

If you'd like to make one of these cute purrmeisters part of your family, email mirishouse (at) to request an adoption application. If you can't adopt right now, you can still sponsor a kitten by making a donation to help cover the costs of their food, litter, and veterinary care. You can also help by liking and sharing our page. Thanks and big purrs to everyone who has helped!

Peeta, Gale, Rue, and Dumbledore (formerly Katniss).

Friday, September 20, 2013

Goodbye to Dumbledore

The day has come, as we knew it would. The first of the kittens has gone to his new home. Fluffy, wise-eyed, storm-grey Dumbledore--the kitten formerly known as Katniss--has found his forever family.

Dumbledore (sometimes mistaken for a unicorn)

Dumbledore was the firstborn of the litter, and he grew quickly. Originally christened Katniss, after the brave and resourceful heroine of The Hunger Games, he turned out to be a be brave and resourceful  ... hero. He was dubbed Dumbledore by his new family, who were waiting until he was old enough to take him home.

Nom, nom, nom! Can I have some more, please?

Today, as the kittens celebrated their two-month birthday (born July 20, so they're actually just over nine weeks old), a little girl in Cranston was celebrating her eighth birthday with the best birthday present ever: another kitten joined the cat family!

King of the Cat-Tree Mountain

Dumbledore, have a long and happy life with your new family. We'll miss you, but we look forward to seeing pictures and hearing stories of all the fun you'll have growing up and playing with the people, cats, and kittens in your forever home.

Obligatory Kitten Glamour Shot

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kittehs Busting Out All Over!

Is it getting crowded in here or what?

They're not quite two months old, but these kittens are already HUGE in cuteness, personality, and energy. Did I mention energy?
I'll have one order of Rue-in-a-Basket, please.

Did I mention their amazing ability to become airborne in nanoseconds, springing from bed to cat tree and from floor to window? Or their ability to appropriate just about anything, from a wastebasket to a shoe, and turn it into a toy, prey, or an amusement-park ride?

They are already starting to outgrow their fostering room. Now, when the door opens, they make a mad dash to explore the mysterious Other-Cat-Kingdom, venturing down the hall past the laundry baskets that used to serve as a barrier. They've already managed to acquaint themselves with Duncan, Ian, and Molly, the resident cats, who seem wary but willing to make friends until Mama Runway comes flying out, tail a-puff, ready to defend her babies. And even though they're twice her size, Duncan, Ian, and Molly run away when they see Runway coming, because they know that nobody messes with a Mama Cat.
MY cat tree! MINE!

But we can see that Runway is getting tired, and last night she was showing signs of being ill. Today she was seen by the vet for a urinary tract infection and dehydration. No more nursing for this mama, and we need to keep her away from the kittens for a little while--although we expect her to voice her disapproval.

But it's almost time for the kittens to find new homes. Katniss--now renamed Dumbledore--is officially adopted and will be ready to meet his new siblings, Snape and Hermione, after he gets his vaccinations at the end of the month. We have already had people asking about the other kittens. If you'd like an adoption application, please email mirishouse (at) and tell us why you would make a make a great pet parent. We encourage potential adopters to take two kittens together or consider adopting Runway, the beautiful calico mom cat, with one of her kittens once she is fixed. She's a great cat who has done an amazing job of raising four kittens, and we want to see her go to a loving home where she'll get the pampering and attention she deserves.

If you'd like to sponsor Runway or one of the kittens, or simply make a donation toward their food, care, and vet visits, please use the PayPal button to send your gift. The kittens--and their mom--thank you!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Saddest Happiness

Remember the evil character "IT" in the classic children's book A Wrinkle in Time? Apparently IT liked to call ITself "the happiest sadist," and "sadist" was actually pronounced "saddest," not "say-dist," the way I and  everyone I knew had always pronounced it.

Happiest. Saddest. They're both pretty good words to describe how we at Miri's House feel every time a foster cat or kitten gets adopted. Whether we've fostered these animals for months or only for a little while, it's impossible not to grow attached to them.

The kittens are the hardest to say goodbye to. For a few weeks or a few months, these little fuzzy ones were part of our lives. We watched them grow, sometimes from the very moment of their birth. We held them when they were so tiny they fit into the palm of a hand. We saw them open their eyes for the first time, take their first wobbly kitten steps, jump feet first into dishes of kitten food in their first messy but enthusiastic attempts at eating. We watched them climb into slippers and use them as little boats to sail across the floor. We saw them grow from helpless, squealing babies who cried if they were taken from Mama's side to fierce, furry adventurers who raced, wrestled, climbed, and leaped their way into our hearts.

And then, into someone else's.

Because that's what it means to foster. We feed and brush and pet and play with and nurture and love these kittens so they will have every chance in the world to grow up to be healthy, playful, and loving cats. And then we send them out in the world, and hope that the people we send them home with will love and treasure them for the rest of their long and happy lives.

So when they leave for their forever homes, tucked into a cat carrier with their excited new families gathered around them, we smile and wave goodbye and wish them well, knowing that we've saved one  life and enriched many more.

So we're happy.

But I can't say we don't miss them. And I can't say that when we run across a fishie toy forgotten in a corner of the closet, or a long-missing slipper somehow pushed way under the bed, we don't cry.

--Posted by Kate, 9/10/13