Monday, November 11, 2013


Update on the Hunger Games Kittens: most of them now have new names and new homes, and they're growing up into beautiful cats.

Here's Dumbledore (Katniss) in his new digs. His new mom reports that his favorite game is Animal Crossing. He's also happily bonded with his kitty brother and sister.

He's racking up the top scores in the cat crossing category.

 And here's Opie (Peeta), adorable as ever, checking out the dollhouse in his new home.

I can play with this, right? 

And then there's Leo (Gale), who just went home this weekend. He's still getting used to his new home, but as you can see, he's looking pretty comfortable already. 

Leo says: Life is good!

Then there's Rue, the tiniest of the kittens (when she and Leo went to be fixed, she weighed in at just 3.2 pounds, compared to her brother's 5)! Rue is finding her voice (the tiniest, cutest little meow) and getting a little bolder about facing the big cats. She's testing her independence, but happy she still has Mama to snuggle up with on an autumn afternoon. 

Rue, "making biscuits" with Runway

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