Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kittehs Busting Out All Over!

Is it getting crowded in here or what?

They're not quite two months old, but these kittens are already HUGE in cuteness, personality, and energy. Did I mention energy?
I'll have one order of Rue-in-a-Basket, please.

Did I mention their amazing ability to become airborne in nanoseconds, springing from bed to cat tree and from floor to window? Or their ability to appropriate just about anything, from a wastebasket to a shoe, and turn it into a toy, prey, or an amusement-park ride?

They are already starting to outgrow their fostering room. Now, when the door opens, they make a mad dash to explore the mysterious Other-Cat-Kingdom, venturing down the hall past the laundry baskets that used to serve as a barrier. They've already managed to acquaint themselves with Duncan, Ian, and Molly, the resident cats, who seem wary but willing to make friends until Mama Runway comes flying out, tail a-puff, ready to defend her babies. And even though they're twice her size, Duncan, Ian, and Molly run away when they see Runway coming, because they know that nobody messes with a Mama Cat.
MY cat tree! MINE!

But we can see that Runway is getting tired, and last night she was showing signs of being ill. Today she was seen by the vet for a urinary tract infection and dehydration. No more nursing for this mama, and we need to keep her away from the kittens for a little while--although we expect her to voice her disapproval.

But it's almost time for the kittens to find new homes. Katniss--now renamed Dumbledore--is officially adopted and will be ready to meet his new siblings, Snape and Hermione, after he gets his vaccinations at the end of the month. We have already had people asking about the other kittens. If you'd like an adoption application, please email mirishouse (at) gmail.com and tell us why you would make a make a great pet parent. We encourage potential adopters to take two kittens together or consider adopting Runway, the beautiful calico mom cat, with one of her kittens once she is fixed. She's a great cat who has done an amazing job of raising four kittens, and we want to see her go to a loving home where she'll get the pampering and attention she deserves.

If you'd like to sponsor Runway or one of the kittens, or simply make a donation toward their food, care, and vet visits, please use the PayPal button to send your gift. The kittens--and their mom--thank you!

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