Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Home for Owl and Smudge?

Owl's Glamour Shot
Owl and Smudge had some visitors today! We are hoping they may have found their forever home.
Sweet, serious Smudge

Our terrific tabbies have been joined by the three Halloween kittens, three beautiful black kitties who were left behind when people moved away. We've named these sweet little ones Hawthorne, Harriet, and Hazel Halloween, and we hope that they will be the next ones to find homes.
Hazel, Harriet, and Hawthorne: the Halloween Kittens!

But in the meantime, it's so much fun giving them lots of love, playing with them, and watching them grow up!

If you would like to help our fostering mission, we can always use food, litter, and cat toys. We accept donations through our Amazon Wish List and through Paypal (send to Thanks for supporting Miri's House!

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