Monday, November 16, 2015

A Little Visit with the Kits

The girls at play. 
Ember and Moondust, winding down. 
Moondust and Ember entertained a few young visitors yesterday and enjoyed their play session. They followed all the jumping, chasing, running action with a nice Sunday afternoon nap.

Moondust, taking five. 

It looks like Moondust may be getting adopted soon, and that this may be the week for both the girls to get fixed. We will be calling the vet to make arrangements. In the meantime, we're enjoying their cute, playful personalities as well as the gentler moments when they curl up for some well-deserved sleep. Here's a wish that all of you--Mama Emily, Ember, and Moondust--find the best homes ever! 

Mama and her lovely tortie girl enjoying the lamplight. 

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