Saturday, July 23, 2016

Three Weeks Old!

Today the kittens are three weeks old. They've gone from tiny, furry blobs unable to see or hear to active, curious toddlers who are almost ready to start exploring the world beyond the kitten drawer.

Six kittens is a big litter, and Mama Opal is our heroine. Not only is she keeping all of them clean, well fed, and healthy, she's a watchful and diligent mom. When we put the kittens up on top of the bed so they can meet new people, Mama keeps a close watch, making sure no one gets too close to the edge.

This tiny girl is doing a great job, even though she looks as if she's barely eight months old herself. She's always hungry, of course, because she's got so many kittens to feed, and she can easily go through six to eight cans of cat food per day ... one per kitten and one to grow on!

We're off to the vet today to pick up some deworming medicine for the babies (and mom) to make sure everyone stays healthy. Meanwhile, Nimbus is approaching four months old and will be fixed at the beginning of August. He may be going home with his new family soon.

We appreciate all the donations we've received. We absolutely could not do this without help. Right now, we have lots of dry cat food. Our biggest need is canned kitten food and canned cat food, and money for medicine, vet visits, and getting Mama Opal, Nimbus, and all six kittens fixed.

If you'd like to donate, use the link on our page, or just send a donation to  If you'd prefer to send a check, just email mirishouse(at) for our address. Email us there for adoption applications as well, but don't wait too long--we already have several people interested in kittens!

Thanks for all your support.

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