Saturday, August 6, 2016

Last Days of the Mom Cafe

Lunchtime at the Mom Cafe

Our tiny kittens are growing up! They are five weeks old today, and they've graduated from the nursing box to the wide, wide world of the kitten room.

A world of boxes and toys and scratching posts and a whole big bed that they can get up on and down from, all on their own.

They're starting to explore the litter box (is it just a fun box to play in, or is it something else?), and, just yesterday, they took their first bites of solid food!

Of course, they're still nursing, but Mama Opal will no doubt be glad to no longer be the sole source of nutrition for her gang of six. She's been doing a great job so far. All the kittens are well over the milestone of one pound, where they should be at this age.

Here are their current weights, in ounces:


This confirms our suspicion that Mica and Galena are the only girls in this litter. They may be smaller than the boys, but they're not lagging behind in their development in any way. All the kittens are bright, curious, playful, friendly, and in perfect health. Great job, Mama!

Kitten food! Yum!

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