Monday, September 12, 2016

In the Home Stretch

First to leave the nest!
Big changes are happening in Kitten Land. Our little family has gone from six kittens to four. Sandstone and Onyx, our two biggest boys, have gone to their forever home.

They've already got new names, too. Meet Dizzy and Miles ;-)

Onyx, AKA Miles Davis

 We're happy to report that they've made the transition well and are happily adjusting to their new home and loving their new person. We know that giving kittens a good start in life helps them grow up to be friendly, social cats, and we love knowing that they have a safe and loving home.

Sandstone, AKA Dizzy Gillespie
Next in line to be adopted will be Mama Opal and Galena, then Jasper and Mica, and last (but certainly not least) Sunstone. We'll be enjoying our last few weeks with them, even as we feel that bittersweet longing that we could keep them forever.

We are still always in need of donations for food, litter, and daily expenses. Your donation in any amount will be so appreciated! Thank you for supporting Miri's House.

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