Sunday, December 11, 2016

Clark Gable, Feline Star

Meet our newest foster cat, Clark Gable. This dapper, tuxedo-wearing fellow sports half a 'stache and has a sweet and mellow personality--a true gentleman.


Clark Gable, as we've named this elegant boy, was often seen around the neighborhood. We checked with different neighbors, and it seems he was visiting various houses for food (like the cat in the children's book Six-Dinner Sid), but he had no home. Although he was living outside for as long as a year, Clark's gentle personality made us think he'd lived with people at some point.

 This summer, while we were fostering kittens, Clark often came to the front door for dinner. As the weather got crisper, we started feeding him inside the garage, and set up a cardboard box with a blanket in it. He soon adopted this as his bed.

Clark at the vet, making himself at home.

Around Thanksgiving, when the weather got colder, Clark started coming inside for little visits. He was initially timid about being in enclosed spaces, but once he knew he could get out if he wanted to, he relaxed. He decided having a soft bed and a warm place to sleep was a good thing. And now, he's very content to be a well-fed, much-admired indoor kitty.

Clark went to the vet, where he was a model patient. He is FIV and FeLV negative, has all his shots (he's going back for a booster soon), is neutered, and seems to be about three years old. He is super-friendly with people and he's not at all aggressive with other cats. So far, our cats haven't been very friendly toward him, but we're still hoping to integrate them if we can't find him another home.

If you're interested in adopting Clark Gable, send an email to mirishouse (at)

A star of the silver screen!

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