Friday, August 30, 2013

Gale goes to the Vet

Oh, No ... not the VET!
We are concerned about Gale, our lively little redhead. Five days ago I noticed a bump on his forehead and worried that he had hit his head during boisterous play with his siblings. I spent the next several days watching him for signs of illness or trauma: loss of appetite, listlessness, failure to use the cat box, or weight loss. He showed no real signs of illness but last night I noticed the bump on his head had grown into two bumps, side by side above his eyes.

Gale with his Mousie
I called the vet for an appointment and got one for tomorrow. The initial appointment will be $45.00, not including other charges for medicine, excision, or, worst of all, surgery.  
I’d like to ask anyone who can to sponsor this little one’s vet visit and treatment. Please use the PayPal link on our page to make a donation, large or small. Even a few dollars will help.

If you are not able to make a donation, perhaps you could post some good wishes for him on the blog to see him through this tough time and get him on the road to recovery, or share Gale’s status in the hope that others will come through for this rescued cutie. Thanks!

Sponsor Gale's Vet Visit

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