Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hungry, Hungry Kittens!

It's a floofy ball o'cuteness!

They're small and fluffy and playful, and they're growing every day. Katniss is still the leader at 1 lb., 7.8 oz. ; Gale is not far behind at 1 lb., 7 oz.; Peeta is catching up at 1 lb., 5 oz., and tiny Rue has finally broken the pound barrier at 1 lb., .5 oz.

Mom Runway in a rare quiet moment

Meanwhile, none of them have started eating solid food, despite many attempts to introduce it. They still think Mama's Kitchen serves up the best meals in town! But the kittens are five weeks old now, so it is time for them to start being more independent. We expect the next week to be messy but fun, with more attempts to interest them in "kitten glop." Stay tuned! 

Peeta, a/k/a "Cry Baby Kitten." He's very vocal when he's hungry!

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