Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Peeta Steps Out!

Sweet little Peeta. Yes, he's a bit of a crybaby. Yes, he's something of a mama's boy. But there's something about his innocent little face, wobbly legs, and wooly coat that makes him impossible to resist.
Peeta and Mom

Peeta is the smallest of the three boys (only little Rue, the one girl of the litter, is smaller), but he's no slouch. Not only has he managed to jump up to the window perch on his own, he was also the first to try eating solid food. After Peeta took the plunge, Gale chowed down, and Katniss had a few bites. Only Rue is still holding back, but she's showing some interest, and we're sure she'll catch up to the boys soon.

Yay, Peeta! We're sure Mom is breathing a huge sigh of relief. Now, off to buy more kitten food!

"What's THAT stuff? I'M not gonna try it! Let's get Peeta..."
"He likes it! Hey, Peeta!"

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