Sunday, August 30, 2015

Campaigning for Kittens!

Here at Miri's House, we've always been a nonprofit--in the sense that none of our rescue work is done for profit, and any donations we receive go to feeding and caring for animals--but we never applied for official nonprofit status. It seemed complicated, and possibly expensive.

But now we've gotten some good advice from other animal rescue workers, and we've found an accountant who will donate his time to work with us, and we're going for it.

When we went to file our initial paperwork online, though, we realized that we didn't even have enough money in the checking account for the filing fee. Let's just say that with one of our two volunteer kitten carers out of work since May, it's been a difficult summer for the rescue AND the rescuers.

So we've started a GoFundMe campaign, and we have just gotten our first donations! Soon, we'll be able to file for nonprofit status, and then all donations to Miri's House Cat & Kitten Rescue will be tax-deductible.

We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, BIG PURRS to all our donors and supporters!

You can support our GoFundMe campaign by visiting, sharing, and donating at 

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