Monday, August 17, 2015

Wishin' and Hopin' ...

We had a wonderful surprise the other day: we came home and found a bag of kitten food hanging on our door. That's in addition to all the exciting Amazon deliveries we've had--food, toys, scratching posts.

Did someone say FOOD?

Now that the kittens are getting ready to eat on their own and learn to use the litter box, we've added some new items to our Amazon Wish List. We do have an older kitten litter box we could use, but we've noticed that Emily, our new mom, is highly sensitive to smells and reacts badly to anything that smells like other cats, so we think she would be less nervous if we started these kittens with a brand-new box.

Hard-working Mama Emily taking a lunch break after feeding the kittens.

If you'd like your gift to be acknowledged, or if you're donating in honor of a person or cat, please include a gift card with your order. In the meantime, special purrs of thanks to Laura C., Rosalie M., and Marybeth R. for their generous donations!

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